Marcelle House

The Makers Village

The Makers Annexe

“Scotland’s most vibrant artists’ town”

What we have to offer.....

We have over 30 Creative businesses operating from the Makers Village, Marcelle House and the Makers Annexe.  The studios range from what we have deemed incubator units up to large commercial units giving you the chance to take those controlled steps. Growing your business knowing that we will be able to accommodate your next move, minimising the impact on your operations and allowing you to work collectively with the other tenants.

What once was home to huge ship-building, textile and brewing industries is now widely known for its many charity shops, betting houses and supermarkets.

But things are changing.

Alloa, it appears, is becoming a mecca for artists. This was recently recognised by respected Scottish artist Richard Demarco who extolled at a Lys Hansen event in the Makers Gallery and Bistro that the town excelled in the visual arts to an extent that Edinburgh should look to its laurels. This ‘excellence’ is epitomised by an unassuming 19th century building just off the Ludgate roundabout. Artists from all walks of life and mediums – poets, musicians, painters, photographers and craft makers – have been drawn to Marcelle House an extension of the nearby the Makers Village.


The site was developed first in 1854 as the site of an annexe of Alloa Academy.....


“There’s too many artists out there looking for arts space. Artists can’t afford to have this type of studio space in Glasgow. I love Alloa. I have a history with Alloa going back to family. It was in the doldrums for many years but it’s picking up. Why can’t Alloa be an art town?” Karen Strang (Artist)
“The pivotal part of the site and its success has been the development and vision of Reachout with Arts in Mind who have worked on the principal that Imagine Alloa was only the start of something, something that potentially could be a leading example for creative industries. Putting the right facilities and supportive infrastructure in place that artists require is fundamental to them building a successful creative business.” Craig Machan (Business Consultant)
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